Because theyre quite concealed and simple to overlook, I wished to go over them in this post and walk through the new options that are available.

For some time now, weve been expecting more format alternatives and better-looking Responsive Display advertisements from Google. I know that a few of our exceptionally brand image-conscious clients have even requested that we only run Banner advertisements and opt-out of Responsive formats entirely because they feel the quality does not align with their brand image.

Recently I was working on releasing a new GDN project and I discovered a brand-new dropdown field for Additional Format Options throughout Responsive advertisement creation, so it appears like Google is moving in the right instructions.

New Formats Overview

If youre in ad creation for Responsive Display ads youll see these alternatives simply above the Advertisement URL options dropdown:

As soon as you click the carrot to open the dropdown youll see the three options: asset improvements, auto-generated video, and native formats:

Possession Enhancements

Lets go over each choice listed below.

This function gives Google the power to, apparently, enhance the appearance of your ads, consisting of clever cropping, focusing on logos, and more. According to Google it may do any of the following:

Googles post also provides some visual examples of the smart cropping function specifically:

On the surface, this upgrade appears like a positive one, however screening is recommended, particularly because current reporting insights for Responsive ads is really bare-bones.

, if you have a client thats extremely brand name image-conscious youll desire to examine these changes with them.. You might even establish ad variant tests where some variants include the Enhancement option and others do not to get some insight into performance differences.

The auto-generated videos alternative could be excellent particularly for customers who lack imaginative resources. Youll have to provide at least one logo and either 3 landscape images or 4 square images for Google to use if you want these videos produced.

Auto-Generated Videos

According to Google, youll desire to watch out for these problems that might prevent the videos from running:

Native Ads

Low image quality: blurred images, and images consisting of excessive text.Unacceptable content: racist or profane images.Text and logo on border: In basic, we suggested not consisting of a logo design in images. Images with text or logo designs close to the border can not be combined into auto-generated videos.Duplicate images, or several images that are too similar.Very long words requiring text wrapping.Also note that if youve currently submitted video, the auto-generated videos wont be created.

The Native ad format was currently automatically decided in for Responsive ads, and you might see examples in the ad sneak peek mode:

Now, this new field provides you the choice to uncheck the box and remove this format if you d choose to opt-out.

For our legacy Responsive ads, weve seen that the Native formats box is already examined, but the possession enhancements and auto-generated video are not:

If you wish to opt in to the property improvements and/or auto-generated video youll need to edit your existing advertisements, or if you set up brand-new versions for testing theyll be immediately decided in (for video, that is likewise contingent on if you supply adequate imaginative variations, as pointed out above).

Additional Takeaways and Tips:

If youre releasing brand-new Responsive ads be sure to uncheck any formats you want to opt-out of, as Google automatically chooses you into all three for new ads. Consider launching versions that qualify for auto-generated video (specs mentioned above) as totally separate ad versions so you can have some more insight into efficiency.

Have you seen these brand-new choices readily available? Let us understand your thoughts in the remarks below!

If youre releasing new Responsive ads be sure to uncheck any formats you desire to opt-out of, as Google instantly chooses you into all 3 for new ads. Think about releasing variants that qualify for auto-generated video (specifications discussed above) as completely different ad variations so you can have some more insight into efficiency. Or, taken an action further, you could evaluate variations with any/all of the brand-new formats opted-in against versions where they are not to get additional performance insights.Be sure to examine back frequently on the possession information performance reporting to assist you keep track of top-performing asset types and combinations and try to enhance appropriately. The reporting is limited now, were enthusiastic that Google will start rolling out some more in-depth reporting functions as extra formats are made available.For now, these brand-new functions are optional but they may not always be. Its a great idea to begin checking them now to get a great deal with on what is working best and whats not working well for your projects.