They do this because even if a DSP does not want an impression, evaluating and logging data takes up bandwidth. IAS and Aerospike, which first began working together in 2018, are proof favorable of the chance. IAS at first ran its own data servers, however in 2020 transitioned to a cloud-based operation. Aerospike has likewise welcomed the cloud. It started out mostly as a server database supplier, Aerospikes service has actually since ended up being far more focused on cloud data services.

As the ad tech industry matures, supplier types historically concentrated on other markets are expanding to satisfy its requirements.
Media and marketing, for example, is now Snowflakes greatest company vertical, and payment solutions company FastPay is assisting publishers and ad tech companies handle reconciliation and accounting spaces in between when advertising campaign are served and marketers are paid completely.
Theres another supplier working behind the scenes to service the ad tech market you may not have heard: real-time data processing and management company Aerospike.
Hitching my starAerospike deals with server-based or cloud-based services, and the companys main selling point is its ability to store consistent memory in Flash files, meaning that kagillions of cookies and other RTB information points, for instance, can be decreased and consumed without losing information continuity.
Aerospikes first customer in 2010 was AppNexus, followed by a string of other players in the space, consisting of The Trade Desk, Integral Ad Science and Beeswax.
Aerospikes native stomping ground– the ecosystem of independent ad tech startups– has decreased as those indies either went public or were acquired by huge conglomerates. That doesnt suggest theres been a contraction in the overall size of the market opportunity.
” Even when theres consolidation and maturation, it means expansion,” stated Srini Srinivasan, Aerospikes co-founder and product chief.

Important Ad Science, for example, now a public company with a $3.5 billion market cap, has actually continued to work with Aerospike, and so has The Trade Desk, which now has a market cap of almost $50 billion. TTD has been an Aerospike client for the previous years.
The start-up Beeswax brought Aerospike with it to FreeWheel after the Comcast-owned ad tech company obtained Beeswax last year.
How it works
Aerospike compresses information to a Flash file that functions as a key of sorts to connect the marketing IDs or bidstream data thats being collected, stated Ram Rengaswamy, co-founder and CTO of Beeswax, and now FreeWheels SVP of engineering.
Other cloud platforms provide a similar service, but most fail when it comes to handing the scale of programmatic, Rengaswamy said. If an innovation cant operate at the scale and Niagara Falls-esque constant volume of online advertising, its going to lower the quality of service, not to mention raise cloud facilities costs.
Take stock filtering. DSPs deliberately restrict the overall number and sort of bids they get from SSPs and exchanges. They do this due to the fact that even if a DSP doesnt want an impression, examining and logging data uses up bandwidth. Some business allocate the impressions they receive from SSPs as a cost-cutting strategy.
Among The Trade Desks strategic benefits compared to other DSPs was that it leapfrogged these filtering deals and was for that reason able to see a lot more stock across SSPs.
There stand factors to have filtering reasoning in location, Rengaswamy stated. Some SSPs offer the same impression or the traffic they use may simply be low quality.
If an ad tech companys data consumption is bound only by its inability to deal with scale, rather than a desire to cut expenses, there could be a huge benefit in gathering more ad IDs and bidstream information with the right technology in location.
Aerospike has likewise accepted the cloud. It started out mainly as a server database vendor, Aerospikes service has actually given that ended up being far more focused on cloud information services.
” Each web transaction has an expense in terms of the calculate power to encrypt and process it, network costs to move it and storage costs,” Danny Rathjens, senior director of technical operations engineering at IAS, informed AdExchanger in an email. “As our company has actually grown, weve embraced services, including a suite of AWS services and Aerospike, that maximize our information storage, processing speeds and lots of other functions.”
Today, Aerospike has started to move beyond just media and advertising clients.
Visa is a client, as are some large retailers and telcos, Srinivasan stated. These are the type of companies that see a continuous stream of countless information points daily– if not per hour– that should be processed in genuine time and connected to accounts.
Theres still significant development in the advertisement tech market, Srinivasan said. One emerging pattern, for example, is for companies to run double cloud operations on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazons AWS.
Thats a common cloud duo for businesses that connect into marketing companies or integrate with mar tech, because each of those platforms has particular applications within Google and Amazon, he stated. And the exact same goes for other big ad platforms in connected TV.
” These ad tech organizations are still quickly developing,” Srinivasan stated. “Evolving is excellent for us.”