By John Nardone, President, Mediaocean
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Just when we believed it was safe to plan a go back to the office, here comes the omicron version and another wave of pandemic unpredictability. With the ongoing impact of COVID, in addition to the “Great Resignation” and the possibility of remote working conditions extending well into the new year, marketers everywhere are being required to reassess their ambitions for 2022.
Do we have the courage and wherewithal to take on significant advancements in programs and procedures? Is sheer will enough? Or will our present scenarios force us to hunch down and try to ride out another year with minimal change? To address that, we require to recall at how we weathered the first 2 years of the pandemic
Change is hard, especially in a pandemic.
In March 2020, when we were all suddenly required to work remotely, many were shocked how well it all went. Many marketers even handled to find an upside, leaning on existing innovations and relationships to get things done. For all the difficulties it provided, it looked like we handled to develop a type of momentum by the end of the year.

However in 2021, the pendulum swung the other way: Waves of resignations, hybrid work models and back-to-school problems made last year more of a sputtering engine than the roaring return to “normal” the world had hoped for.
As we go into 2022 in the shadow of another version, we cant prevent change any longer. Despite supply-chain disturbances, advertising has actually rebounded. Weve seen foundational shifts in consumers media usage patterns, while their expectations for brand name experiences and engagement continue to increase throughout all platforms.
Within ad tech, weve had successful mergers and healthy IPOs that have actually altered the landscape. Innovation itself has continued to advance, with deep investment in identity and the dramatic rise of CTV amongst the quickest changes.
Taken together, these shifts are forcing brand names to rethink their media techniques, procedures and innovations– all at a time when modification is extremely hard to browse. All that rapid change can make marketers seem like theyve fallen behind. Theres spending plan to satisfy suppressed consumer demand, yes. What are brands able to do with it?
The basic fact is that modification is already way harder in digital marketing than it must be, whichs since digital advertising is much more detached and complicated than it should be. However modification brings opportunity for those that have the nerve and determination to innovate regardless of the difficulties.
The advertisement tech ramifications of change
Few of todays marketing companies have the internal resources to take on transformative change. Rather, many brands attempt to scale down and streamline.
However while they can minimize the pressure of everyday operations, these steps are not adequate to keep speed with the developing consumer media reality, much less drive competitive advantage. Theyre simply not sustainable in todays altering media landscape.
Tech partnerships are more vital than ever
The pandemic has put even higher focus on the quality of technology partnerships. Today, brands and their company partners desire fewer and more significant direct relationships, with more capabilities “under one roofing.”
They want solutions that are not prejudiced based on media ownership. And maybe most significantly, they need more and much better service from their tech partners.
As marketers struggle to discover, preserve and connect talent within their own workforces, they are looking for external relationships that supply tools for simplification and improvement, but likewise the consultative assistance required to pivot from strategy into execution. After all, marketing organizations arent trying to solve technology challenges– theyre attempting to resolve capability difficulties.
If a partner cant assist to address your workforce difficulties in this time of essential improvement, they cant assist you– period. But the ideal partner can bring the tech and know-how you need to satisfy this minute, while relieving the problem on your company and people.

Or will our present situations require us to hunker down and attempt to ride out another year with minimal modification? As we enter 2022 in the shadow of another version, we cant avoid alter any longer. Taken together, these shifts are requiring brand names to rethink their media methods, processes and innovations– all at a time when change is extremely difficult to browse. All that quick modification can make online marketers feel like theyve fallen behind. Few of todays marketing companies have the internal resources to take on transformative change.