I attempt to share a collection of clutter-breaking creative ads every week and viewpoints on industry subjects. It was tough to select the best advertisements of 2021 as there were many deserving of gratitude.

While it is a truth that a majority of the advertisements out there are boring, at its finest, marketing can alter mindsets and behaviour while being compelling and amusing. It is a coming together of many disciplines: consumer psychology, marketing, stats, copywriting, art instructions, film making, photography and so much more. Here are some innovative ideas from 2021 which captured my eye:

IKEA: fortune favours the prudent

Why I liked it: climate modification is a real hazard many of us feel the need for environmental sustainability. The hazard to earth was manifested as a huge meteor made of damaging substances and every small act of conservation, utilizing Ikea products of course, helped in warding off the danger.

A few more compelling advertisements from January including a lovely wordplay on BBC, a hard-hitting ad from NHS urging people to remain house and more.

Agency: Mother

Kanan Devan Tea: enjoyed by Kerala

Why I liked it: regional preferences in taste prevail in food & & beverages. One observes such a pattern in papers and tobacco items too. These are habits which are hard to break (ask a loyal reader of The Hindu in Chennai). A main task of such brand names is to reinforce the equity amongst present users while developing harshness about what they are missing out on, among non-users. In classifications where product distinction is difficult, it is commendable to see a capitivating commercial that makes the users feel that this is our own brand. It is in line with their continued efforts of producing thematic advertisements and region-specific items.

Company: Mullen Lintas

The month of February saw other exceptional advertisements: noteworthy amongst them being the dazzling travelling under social impact for Tourism New Zealand, theme advertisement for Huggies and more.

Sheba: cats that rule the world

Why I liked it: if material marketing is developing, publishing, and distributing material for a targeted audience online this effort from Sheba cat food is a great example. Without appearing like one, it is a brilliant advert for the brand name. The concept? A set of brief documentary– The Cats That Rule The World which display the impressive lives of some special felines. The jokes about cat videos ruling the internet are in fact real as feline lovers love to share any material and watch on their favourite pet across platforms.


In March, there were other excellent projects including The Fumble for iPhone which had excellent usage of music, one for Zoflora a disinfectant brand and a funny area from Ryan Reynolds Maximum Effort for Highkey, a treat brand name taking on sugar intake.

KFC: obtained mottos

Why I liked it: personification of a thing or a concept is typical in marketing. A great example is this one where wind energy was personified.

KFCs well-known motto finger lickin excellent was thought about inappropriate in the context of health and general mindset of apprehension. The team at KFC and its ad company Mother, London asked social networks users to recommend which other brands mottos would be appropriate for them. The results were innovative and amusing as seen by use of mottos from Pringles, Red Bull, Dr. Pepper, Tesco, Snickers which all appeared to fit so well for KFC too..

Ministry of Health, France: life comes back with vaccination.

Agency: MullenLowe, France.

Why I liked it: there are ads which stand out from the clutter simply on execution– good production value, a clever piece of discussion or unforgettable jingle and such like. Here is one such: each vaccination jab results in a shop being opened or a service coming to life.

In May there were many other creative ads of note, consisting of a stunt from EE to demonstrate the strength of its 5G network.

In April, there were many campaigns worthy of applause. I likewise blogged about the buzz created by advertisements from CRED and shared some views on Account Management. My choice of the month would be the wise Borrowed Slogans concept for KFC. The COVID-19 pandemic set off a variety of tactical communications from brand names. During the preliminary stage numerous turned to prompting consumers to follow security standards. Ads encouraging people to remain at house, wear a mask, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing prevailed.

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iPhone: Privacy.

There were many more unforgettable advertisements from June 21.

I attempt to share a collection of clutter-breaking creative ads every week and viewpoints on industry topics. It was challenging to pick the best advertisements of 2021 as there were many worthwhile of gratitude. While it is a reality that a bulk of the ads out there are bland, at its best, marketing can change mindsets and behaviour while being amusing and engaging. I likewise composed about the buzz created by ads from CRED and shared some views on Account Management. Why I liked it: there are ads which stand out from the mess simply on execution– great production value, a clever piece of discussion or memorable jingle and such like.